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We industrialize your software development

We believe that by rethinking the software manufacturing process, we can optimize the quality and performance of your software development projects.


By automating the most time-consuming tasks with our bots, we are able to provide significant advantages as your developers will use their time to focus on more complex tasks. The Code Bots write automatically code based on the solution repository : they apply the same pattern from one business entity to another. Other bots (database, repository, deployment) can also detect inconsistencies and automate recurring tasks.


By automatically applying the same pattern to all components, the quality becomes faultless. There are no more bugs caused by inattention and simple mistakes. The rules expressed by the business analysts in the repository are automatically applied in the code. The application therefore exactly reflects the expressed needs. Automated tests are added at the end of code generation, which can detect regressions early on in the manufacturing process.


Using Code Bots instead of humans for repetitive and automatable tasks can lead to substantial financial gains. These gains are of course dependent on the size and complexity of the project, but they can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Our innovative billing system allows you to only pay for what is produced. There are no subscriptions or hidden costs. The TCO to use Untypical is easy to calculate and the ROI is clear and demonstrable.

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