We Are Untypical

We envision a future in which humans and bots
creating software together is typical

“I believe that traditional software development is too slow, too expensive and is done with average quality.​”
Dirk Van den Brande
Founder of Untypical

The Talent Shortage of Software Developers

According to research done by ACT (The App Association), there were more than 220,000 job openings for software developers in the U.S. at the beginning of 2019, and this number is quickly growing. By 2020, an estimated 1 million computer programming-related jobs in the US are expected to be unfilled.

Collaboration & Automation

Our platform promotes collaboration between all participants in a project. The use of a single repository allows all stakeholders to share the same vision and understanding of user needs. The bots automate some of the repetitive, low value-added tasks, allowing developers to focus on work that requires creativity and non-automatable skills.

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